iOS (almost) on the Motorola Xoom!


Motorola Xoom (almost) runs the iPhone Operating Systemthis picture is 'shopped, but the project and video isn't a joke... what is this, april fools or something? I don't like the 'Thats photoshopped you nerd!' emails.

The iXoom Project:

Running iOS on the Motorola Xoom and other rooted Android devices.

There you have it folks… using the same chroot method I used to run Ubuntu on the Motorola Xoom, I have unsuccessfully installed iOS on the Motorola Xoom. If you watch the video, you will see that the install crashes when it tries to launch the Springboard application (The homescreen/launcher of iOS) which then crashes the “virtual machine”.

I am thinking about releasing this if/when it works along with the Ubuntu install in an automated application you would run on your Android device….. Ubuntu part of the free application and iOS and other OS’s I can cram there as a paid app? Developers need to eat too :P

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  1. Mike Walker

    I love you…

  2. Derek

    I would like to see this working, keep at it.

  3. Mee

    Please let us know when u get this going! awesome

  4. only problem i can forsee is even thought its paid however running iOS on anything other then apple hardware is against apple rules.. so they might not be happy with you.

  5. Let me know when you get this working and I would also love to try this myself. I am new to the android os, but i have an ipod touch 4th gen and i would love to get more familiar with the andriod os and how to use chroot to try this myself. I am familiar w/ java and would love to help you with this project. Thank You.

  6. Jarod Simmons

    What about the home button?

  7. Jarod Simmons

    I will be the first one to buy this app when it comes out!! (as long as it isn’t over $20)

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