Calling all testers!

I’m looking for some smart, brave, fearless, and good haired Android users who would be willing to venture into the virtual unknown… I have been cooking up a lot of new Xoombuntu releases, and I am looking for beta testers to help!


  1. Has a rooted device
  2. Knows ADB
  3. Is running on any OS
  4. Knows some basic linux commands
  5. Can follow instructions (Has preferably completed my Xoombuntu installation)
  6. Has a couple hours of time to work in a week
  7. Loves to fill out bug reports :D

What you get

  1. Access to the latest things out of the Sohmers Lab
  2. Be able to see a couple of weeks into the future of cutting edge Android development
  3. Learn how to do some things and have fun
  4. Access to applications, patches, hacks, and other fun things before everyone else
  5. Bragging rights

So do you want to become part of the elite Beta Testers? Apply through the ‘Contact Me’ form at the top of the page, and tell me why you would be a great beta tester.

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  1. Michael

    Im rooted, many years linux,ios,droid os work, running the tiamat kernel on xoom wifi :-) would love to get involved :-)

  2. I like to test it .I have a xoom rooted .
    love to install ubuntu in it .

  3. do you have any idea to import windows phone7 or windows 8 to run in xoom .
    I think the hardware is enough to run it .

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