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I have been neglecting this site for the past couple of months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active… I have been so busy working on a million different projects, and have resorted to microblogging (twitter) to keep everyone updated. This past fall, I got a lot of attention for working on the “Touchdroid” team on porting Android to the HP Touchpad, and while that didn’ get too far and instead evolved into the Cyanogen Mod touchpad port, I still had a fun time working on that and working with a mostly great team of people.

In other news, I have also been working on a ton of other things, and I am entered in the MIT Soldier Design Competition again, and the Thiel Foundation’s 20 under 20 program with my friend Steven Richards on some really awesome (secret) technology.

Now for the juicy part: For a little over a month, I have been working with Epson on a new Wearable Computing/Augmented Reality device, called the Epson Moverio BT-100 that allows you to basically wear an Android device on your head, and you see the display through a transparent head mounted display, which simulates a large (~80″ from 10ft) display. It is  pretty sharp, and while a bit bulky is a wicked awesome device to use. One of the first big things I have done with the device is to use it to control the Parrot ARDrone, which is a really amazing experience as you can both physically see the drone and its/your environment, plus see the two cameras that are on the drone. While the actual control is still a bit funky, I plan on fine tuning it for the Moverio… Here’s a quick video that I made (sorry for the quality, really bad camera)

Now here’s the cool part: Epson is looking for Android developers that want to develop for the device… make sure to check out the main Epson Moverio website to apply for developer access, and make sure to mention me (Thomas Sohmers)… this is truly revolutionary technology, and I can’t wait for this to get out to fellow developers, and eventually the general public. Just as the Personal Computer revolutionized the “conventional” big business computers of the time, and how mobile (smart) phones are revolutionizing the personal computer, these glasses and their future generations are going to make the computing experience even more personal and “genuine”. Welcome, to the next computer revolution.

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  1. Charles Peralo

    Thomas you rock!

  2. Corey

    I dont know if the Moverio has bluetooth capabilities, but if it does…. consider possibly using the Moverio as only the video display and pairing a wiimote and nunchuck to the device in order to give it the directional commands. You would still remain mobile, but with both hands you could control the multi-axis directions of the drone.

    • I would actually love to do this, but this generation of the Moverio does not have bluetooth, but I am also working on getting a USB bluetooth adapter working (USB OTG enabled, but I need to write drivers).

  3. Philip

    I saw you featured on TheVerge. You are an absolutely brilliant young man! The world should expect more genius inventions from Mr. Sohmers in the future…

  4. visionep

    You might want to look around your house with an infrared camera. It sounds like there is an alien from the Predator movies hiding around there somewhere watching your progress.

    This is a very cool project. You should see if there is an video recorder app that will take video of what you are seeing in the glasses. That way for these demonstration videos you’ll be able show what the POV stuff looks like along with the video of the external happenings.

  5. Georgi

    Hi dude you are awesome. Greetings from Bulgaria. But is there any progress
    with the ios ported on the xoom. Or you have gave up. I am waiting for a year.

  6. Kees van den Berg

    I have seen the moverio before but u can install self made applications on the device?

  7. Hey Thomas,

    Nice talking to you.

    And looking forward to reading more from you!


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